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 Donovan - Sunshine Superman - The Journey Of (2011) [DVD9 PAL] (2DVD)

Donovan - Sunshine Superman - The Journey Of (2011) [DVD9 PAL] (2DVD)
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Donovan - Sunshine Superman - The Journey Of (2011) [DVD9 PAL] (2DVD)

Actor: Donovan
Director: Hannes Rossacher
Format: Boxset, DVD Video, PAL, Widescreen
Audio: English (Stereo)
Format immage: 1.78:1
Number discs: 2
Studio: Spv
Date version DVD: 13 January 2011
Lenght: 180 minutes

.: Tracklist :.

It would be fairly easy to contend that Donovan is one of the greatest figures in rock history. You could  his innovative, ingenious and meticulously textured blending of disparate genres such as jazz and folk and rock, not to mention medieval, Indian and Caribbean music. You could cite the songs of his, which have been covered by heavy hitters such as Joan Baez, Kate Bush, Hole, the Allman Brothers Band, Nigel Kennedy, Eric Burdon, Jefferson Airplane, Al Kooper and Stephen Stills. Likewise, you could cite the influence he has had on the likes of the Beatles and Marc Bolan. But it would be equally easy to contend that, notwithstanding such mighty achievements, Donovan remains one of rock music s most underrated and misunderstood figures. Sunshine Superman - The Journey Of Donovan is the ultimate life story of the 60´s folk-pop phenomenon. The deluxe double-DVD set contains classic 60´s film and TV appearances, rare archive footage and never-before-seen material as well as 5 previously unreleased songs and all of the hits. With appearances by Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Mickie Most, Rick Rubin, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Franco Zeffirelli, David Lynch (and many more) and a 40 page booklet chock full of informative liner notation and exclusive photo material, Sunshine Superman is the ultimate story of Donovan s remarkable and unique four decade career. Tracklisting includes: 'Catch The Wind', 'Universal Soldier', 'Colours', 'Sunshine Superman', 'Season Of The Witch', 'Mellow Yellow', 'There Is A Mountain', 'Isle Of Islay', 'Wear Your Love Like Heaven', 'Hurdy Gurdy Man', 'Jennifer Juniper', 'Lalena', 'Atlantis', 'Barabajagal', 'Happiness Runs', 'Cosmic Wheels', and many more. DVD Extra Info: Region: 0; System Format: PAL; Certificate: Exempt; Running Time: 180 minutes; Audio Format: Stereo; Language: English; Aspect Ratio: 16:9; Colour: Colour

DVD1 - The Film
1 ?Hannes Rossacher Intro
2 ?Hannes Rossacher Childhood
3 ?Hannes Rossacher Early Influences
4 ?Hannes Rossacher Starting To Write Music
5 ?Hannes Rossacher Gypsy Dave
6 ?Hannes Rossacher Beat Poets
7 ?Hannes Rossacher St. Ives
8 ?Hannes Rossacher Going Professional
9 ?Hannes Rossacher Breakthrough
10 ?Hannes Rossacher Catch The Wind
11 ?Hannes Rossacher Dylan Vs. Donovan
12 ?Hannes Rossacher Newsreel
13 ?Hannes Rossacher First Live Performance
14 ?Hannes Rossacher Pop & Protest
15 ?Hannes Rossacher Newport Festival
16 ?Hannes Rossacher Pete Seeger & Derroll Adams
17 ?Hannes Rossacher Sunshine Superman
18 ?Hannes Rossacher Drugbust
19 ?Hannes Rossacher Mellow Yellow
20 ?Hannes Rossacher Popart & Fashion
21 ?Hannes Rossacher Wear Your Love Like Heaven
22 ?Hannes Rossacher Romantic Poet
23 ?Hannes Rossacher Free Love
24 ?Hannes Rossacher With The Beatles In India
25 ?Hannes Rossacher Hurdy Gurdy Man
26 ?Hannes Rossacher Happiness Runs
27 ?Hannes Rossacher Guitar Maker
28 ?Hannes Rossacher Barabajagal
29 ?Hannes Rossacher Atlantis
30 ?Hannes Rossacher Hollywood
31 ?Hannes Rossacher Isle Of Wight
32 ?Hannes Rossacher Open Road
33 ?Hannes Rossacher Breakdown
34 ?Hannes Rossacher Meeting The Muse
35 ?Hannes Rossacher Desert Days
36 ?Hannes Rossacher Music For The Big Screen
37 ?Hannes Rossacher Touring In The '70s
38 ?Hannes Rossacher Falling Apart
39 ?Hannes Rossacher Coming Home To Ireland
40 ?Hannes Rossacher The Sutras Experience
41 ?Hannes Rossacher Spirituality And India
42 ?Hannes Rossacher With The Eyes Of A Child
43 ?Hannes Rossacher A Surprise Visit
44 ?Hannes Rossacher New Collaborations
45 ?Hannes Rossacher Birthday Bash
46 ?Hannes Rossacher On The Road Again
47 ?Hannes Rossacher End Credits
48 ?Hannes Rossacher David Lynch
DVD2 - Bonus Footage
I. Extended Versions
1 ?Hannes Rossacher Danny Ferrington Guitar Maker
2 ?Hannes Rossacher Desert Days: Joshua Tree & Gram Parsons
3 ?Hannes Rossacher The Story Of Lalena
4 ?Hannes Rossacher Interview John Cameron
5 ?Hannes Rossacher Cosmic Wheels In Joshua Tree
6 ?Hannes Rossacher Universal Soldier
7 ?Hannes Rossacher Isle Of Islay
II. TV Appearances
8 ?Donovan Catch The Wind (A Go Go - 1965)
9 ?Donovan Sunny Goodge Street (Sweden - 1966)
10 ?Donovan Give It All Up (Jules Holland - 1996)
III. Music Videos
11 ?Donovan Sunshine Superman (Videoclip)
12 ?Donovan Wear Your Love Like Heaven
13 ?Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man (Videoclip)
14 ?Donovan In An Old-Fashioned Picture Book
15 ?Donovan Yellow Star
16 ?Donovan Cosmic Wheels
17 ?Donovan, Hans Theessink & Arlo Guthrie Columbus Stockade Blues
IV. Unreleased Songs
18 ?Donovan Refugee Of Love
19 ?Donovan The Olive Tree
20 ?Donovan I Don't Know (Short Version)
21 ?Donovan Refugee Of Love (Studio Version)
V. Concerts
22 ?Donovan Jennifer Juniper (BBC Concert)
23 ?Donovan Mellow Yellow (BBC Concert)
24 ?Donovan There Is A Mountain (Kodak Theatre)
25 ?Donovan Sunshine Superman (Kodak Theatre)
26 ?Donovan Colours (Kodak Theatre)
27 ?Donovan Jennifer Juniper (Kodak Theatre)
28 ?Donovan Season Of The Witch (Superjam At The Cutting Room, New York, 2008)
VI. The Private Donovan
29 ?Hannes Rossacher Sapphographs (Song: Be Mine)
30 ?Hannes Rossacher Don's Basement
31 ?Hannes Rossacher Donovan's Father Reads Poems
32 ?Hannes Rossacher Maharishi Award
33 ?Hannes Rossacher Doctor Of Letters
34 ?Hannes Rossacher Donovan University And David Lynch
35 ?Hannes Rossacher Donovan's Family Album

.: Other Files :.


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